Residential, commercial and industrial: ensuring our customers’ comfort since 1924

Recognized for its expertise, the ALLARD & RICARD team ensures your comfort and peace of mind, providing you with impeccable service to meet all your plumbing, heating, gas, dual energy, geothermal energy, and radiant floor heating/snow melting system needs.

For close to a century, ALLARD & RICARD has been committed to providing sound advice to its customers and carrying out top-quality work that will enable you to save money over the medium and long term. Working in the commercial and industrial sectors, while specializing in retrofit (renovation and adaptation of buildings of all ages), Allard et Ricard is a leader in the integration of modern technologies, such as dual energy and geothermal energy, while respecting our historical heritage and the environment.


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Residential electric boiler converted to natural gas boiler

  98 years of experience  98 years of experience

In 1924, the first generation of Plomberie Allard family business was created in Verdun. Initially specializing in plumbing, the firm quickly expanded into the full range of building systems fields: heating, gas, geothermal energy and radiant floor heating/snow melting system across the Island of Montreal. Throughout its long history and still today, Allard & Ricard continues to add cutting-edge technologies to its expertise, including dual energy.