Radiant floor / Snow melting system

A pioneer in keeping your feet warm

ALLARD & RICARD Inc. has specialized in integrating radiant floors for over 25 years

We can adapt any type of building to radiant technology while respecting its character and spirit and can also fully install such technology in your home or industry.

Since ALLARD & RICARD Inc. began installing and repairing radiant floors, we have continued to refine our expertise and enhance our achievements integrating new technologies.

‘Hydronic floor’ and ‘heating floor’ are among the other names given to this technology that currently provide the finest comfort on the market. Radiant floors offer impressive versatility because they have multiple uses. Outside, you can easily melt the snow in your driveway or entrance way by installing oxygen-barrier PEX tubing that uses water or antifreeze agents, depending on the application. This all depend on your attention.

The system can be installed almost under any type of covering – concrete, hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, cement, carpeting, etc. – and can be used in all the rooms and every corner of a building. A radiant floor system’s versatility also allows you to easily adjust the temperature room by room or floor by floor or in electronic automated mode.

Excellent guarantees are offered on the market.

We accompany our customers throughout their project, from simple installation of a bathroom floor or snow melting system to a design and built projet and maintenance of residential, commercial, industrial radiant system installations.

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