We keep you warm

ALLARD & RICARD Inc. has your comfort at heart

Regardless of the energy source – gas boiler, electric or geothermal heat pump – our specialists have the expertise you seek and can count on.

Installing, repairing and maintaining any type of heating system are just some of the daily tasks handled by ALLARD & RICARD Inc. technicians.

Whether it involves replacing a bleeder on a radiator, installing a thermostatic valve on a hydronic (hot-water) system, thawing a heating system or taking care of a breakdown, our specialists will get you warm again!

Our technicians can put you in control, repairing or installing all types of standard or sophisticated controls for electromechanical/electronic zone systems that use a motorized valve or injection pump system.

We are your specialist when it comes to replacing your heating system, improving the energy efficiency of your heating equipment, installing state-of-the-art radiators or towel warmers in your bathroom or even installing radiant floors or a snow melting system.

ALLARD & RICARD Inc. remains at the vanguard, always attuned to green energy technological advances in areas including hydronics, geothermal energy and solar energy. Our firm is a member of the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC).

Contact our team to learn more about preventive maintenance and maintenance plans available to you.

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