We have been ensuring our customers comfort for 100 years!

In business since 1924, ALLARD & RICARD Inc. is recognized for the quality of its repair, renovation and installation services in the following speciality fields:

We serve the Greater Montreal region and our specialties include retrofitting (renovating and adapting) residential and commercial buildings of all ages and uses, integrating the industry’s latest technological innovations to ensure:

  • Your COMFORT;
  • Respect for the ENVIRONMENT.

ALLARD & RICARD Inc. thereby continues to enhance its sterling reputation as Montreal’s plumbing, heating, gas, radiant floor heating and geothermal energy leader.

And, to help in carrying out your projects, government subsidies and financial aid from Énergir (formerly Gaz Métro) and Hydro-Québec may be available to you. For applicable terms and conditions, contact our representatives.


A fifth generation family business

The first generation of the Plomberie Allard family business founded the company in 1924 in Verdun.

Initially specializing in plumbing, the firm quickly expanded into the full range of building systems fields: heating, gas, geothermal energy, radiant floor heating/snow melting system and across the Island of Montreal. While remaining true to its roots conveyed in its original name, to reflect the technological advances it had integrated the company changed its name from Plomberie Allard, to Allard Technologies and is now ALLARD & RICARD Inc.

Daniel Ricard, Ambassador
Charles Ricard, President

Daniel Ricard, a member of the team since 1983, became a shareholder in 1994 and the owner in 1997.

Since 2005, Charles Ricard has climbed the entrepreneurial ladder to position himself as the successor to contribute to the continuity of this wonderful family venture. In 2024, Charles acquired the company.

The family roots of ALLARD & RICARD Inc. remain at the core of the company’s strong management, making it even more efficient. These foundations attribute to it a respectful nature and a particularly human character.

Allard et Ricard - Histoire de succès

"Your company worker is very very good! Good job! Thank you very much."

Residential electric boiler converted to natural gas boiler


Our continuing development will never move us away from our mission

  / Comfort / Satisfaction / Environment  / Comfort / Satisfaction / Environment

Since 100 years our mission has been to offer our customers distinctive, complete and adapted building systems maintenance, design and installation services.


This motivates us to push back the limits, year after year:

Offering you the finest building technology products and services so that these can be passed on to your children and our own.


As a family-based business, ALLARD & RICARD Inc. fosters traditional values that include:

  / Passion / Respect / Integrity / Sharing  / Passion / Respect / Integrity / Sharing
The team

Dedicated specialists

Our team members are among our most precious resources. Thanks to them, we are able to serve you in keeping with our quality and prompt-service standards. We build on the development of expertise and knowledge at all levels and this makes our staff our indisputable key strength.

ALLARD & RICARD Inc. is always strengthening its position as an innovator by offering continuing education to its representatives and technicians. You can thus be assured that we have what it takes to carry out a turnkey project that will exceed your expectations.

At ALLARD & RICARD Inc., we nurture our family spirit because we firmly believe that each team member makes a real difference in the firm’s success. Join our team!

Daniel Ricard, President