Geothermal Energy

Renewable energy at your service

ALLARD & RICARD Inc. is a master at installing geothermal systems

The advantages of GeoExchange technology include:

  • Substantial heating savings;
  • Pays for itself in less time than a traditional HVAC system;
  • A renewable, eco-friendly energy source (integrating a geothermal system into a two-bedroom house is equivalent to taking two cars off the road or planting one acre of trees);
  • Equipment that takes up far less space than traditional HVAC systems.

(From the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition website)

ALLARD & RICARD Inc., a member of Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC), complies with government-accredited standards. We install water to water and water to air geothermal heat pumps and also maintain and service these systems and their components.