Peace of mind – from your heating system to your kitchen

The ALLARD & RICARD Inc. specialists care about the reliability of your gas system

The gas department at ALLARD & RICARD Inc. is a major part of the firm. Its partnership with Énergir, the new Gaz Métro, represents numerous residential, commercial and industrial development opportunities. Daniel and Charles are both very active in Québec’s natural gas industry.

Whether it’s installing new gas lines, installing or replacing heating or home hot water equipment or peripheral components such as a fireplace, kitchen stove, BBQ, dryer, snow melting system, pool heater or patio heater, etc., our specialists will give you expert advice concerning your residential, commercial or industrial needs.

We specialize in installing hydronic gas heating systems (condensation and other types) for the smallest home (10,000 BTU) up to commercial, industrial and multi-unit buildings (up to over 50 million BTU). This includes fresh air supply, steam, thermal fluid, plate heat exchanger and other systems.

ALLARD & RICARD Inc. also maintains and services various fixtures/equipment/appliances and any other gas system: heating, ventilation, pool heaters, exhaust fan, condensation, hot water, snow melting, etc.

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